The long awaited day has arrived.  Today millions of UK votes will decide the outcome of the “snap” General Election called for by the Prime Minister just in April.

From the get-go, it was evident that  Theresa May called for the election in order to coalesce a stronger leadership for the UK through the Brexit negotiation process.

However, the short road to election day has been anything but straightforward, and the narrow 7 week window the parties had to build their campaigns seemed to slow to a standstill at times.  On two horrific days that indeed happened, with parties cancelling campaigning when Manchester and then London were attacked by terrorists.

The events served as a stern reminder that the UK has a range of urgent problems to address, beyond the Brexit process.

So what can we expect in terms of the outcome of this election in Wales?

There are 40 seats up in this election, which has the two major parties almost neck and neck. The situation is very fluid, and the outcome is anyone’s best guess.

The The latest YouGov/ITV Wales poll of Welsh voters shows Labour polling a full 12 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives at 46%. Plaid Cymru stand at 9%, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP each at 5%, and votes for other parties stand at 1%.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Conservatives were leading on Labour, signifying deep unrest within the party.  Whether those issues have been worked out or not remains to be seen, and soon, with many undecided voters headed to the polls today.

The RLA has campaigned relentlessly ahead of the General Election, putting forward a manifesto of six key demands outlining practical ways the government can help the PRS as well as lobbying prospective MPs for support.

For more information on the RLA’s campaign coverage and to review the Party manifestos click here.