Party conference season was in full stride last weekend as the RLA attended the 3rd of the season, the Welsh Conservative Spring Forum.

The weekend was hosted in Cardiff at the SWALEC stadium, with Conservatives from all over the UK coming to talk about a range of issues, including housing and licensing.

Over the weekend the RLA represented landlords at a number of fringe events, talking to Councillors, AMs and MPs about a whole host of issues surrounding housing.

One topic that garnered most interest was the ongoing saga that is Rent Smart Wales. Although most Welsh politicians were fairly updated on the latest news, Conservatives from elsewhere in the UK were keen to talk about the downfalls of UK (in our case Wales) wide licensing.

Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) changes were also a common topic of discussion, with many commenting on the anti-business nature of the tax and it acting as a disincentive towards further investment.

High on the agenda for the Spring forum was discussion of Scottish independence, with Nicola Sturgeon announcing just days before her intention to hold another referendum.

Theresa May took the opportunity to make the case for a strong more united nation.

“We are four nations, but at heart we are one people and I will always fight to strengthen and sustain this precious, precious Union,” she told the Conservative Spring Forum.

Conference season moves on to Llandudno this weekend for the Welsh Labour Conference where we will be working with the Homes for Wales coalition and discussing the devolution of Stamp Duty (Land Transaction Tax) to Wales.