RCT Council has recently launched their scheme to promote and support the very best HMOs in the area, and help drive up the standard of others. The scheme, mainly focusing on the Treforest area of RCT, will mainly involve properties occupied by students in the area.

RCT are one of the first authorities to launch such a scheme, helping to show where landlords can improve a property in line with what tenants look for, and key recommendations on safety and efficiency as set out by RCT.

HMOs will be assessed on a range of issues, including quality, safety, efficiency, space, management and a whole host of other legal requirements. However, far from being a difficult task, RCT has made the scheme simple for landlords to self asses property using their online tool. Landlords simply work through the online checklist, before the programme determines the standard of property. The scheme puts properties in a 2 to 5 start system, based on how many requirements the property has met. Landlords receiving the higher ratings will have properties inspected by RCT to assure the quality of the scheme.


Accredited landlords and the standard of each property will then be displayed on RCT property accreditation pages, letting any prospective tenant know the standard of the property. In a highly competitive housing market, having a 5-star HMO might just help make the difference.

So, if you’ve got an HMO in the RCT area and want to know how your property stacks up to the rest, then give the RCT property accreditation scheme a try and see how many stars your HMO gets.

As an additional incentive, the RLA are also offering 25% off membership to anyone who has achieved a 5-star standard*


If you would like to read more about the launch visit the official RCT page here

If you would like to complete the on-line assessment visit the page here

*property must be verified by RCT as 5-star