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Water Notification Regulations


The Welsh Government considers water debt to be a substantial problem in Wales.  In order to attempt to address the ‘problem’ in the private and social sectors, it decided to enact a provision from the Water (Industry) Act 1991, which compels landlords to register prescribed tenants’ details to the relevant water company.

What this means for me / who does it impact?

Every landlord who rents a property in the Welsh Water and Dee Valley water company areas, where water bills aren’t included as part of the rent (regardless of where the landlord lives).  You can find out if you any of your properties are located in these water company areas by clicking here:  https://www.ofwat.gov.uk/consumerissues/watercompanies/map/

If you don’t comply you will become jointly liable for your tenants’ water debt (capped at six months per property).

Please note that this also affects some rented properties in England/Wales borderlands (see the link above|)

What do I have to do?

You must register the following details for every occupant eighteen or over within 21 days of them moving into the property or the date that the tenancy begins (whichever is sooner).  You are also under an obligation to register these details for current tenants:

  1. The full name of each occupant
  2. The date of birth of each occupant (but only if they have provided you with it)
  3. The date the tenancy began
  4. The full address of the property

You can register these details: 1) online via designated Landlordtap portal -  thelandlordtap.com 2) by emailing the water company or 3) by calling the water company.  Instructions on how to use the landlordtap portal are on their website. 

Registering these details correctly, within the timescales outlined, prevents you from becoming jointly-liable for the water debt.  

Where can I find out more?


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