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Renting Homes Act 2016


In 2006 the Law Commission began to look into the way tenancy contracts are issued and the legal complications around them. They concluded that the law surrounding tenancy agreements was far too complicated for tenants, and perhaps some landlords, to fully understand.

The Welsh Government decided to act on the work by the Law Commission and began setting out to completely overhaul the way contracts are issued. The Renting Homes Act (commonly referred to as RHA) doesn’t stop at the contracts, it includes a number of other changes to the way landlords operate, such as the six month moratorium, abandonment procedure and the fitness for human habitation standard. More details of these individual areas can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.


The Renting Homes Act has now passed through the Welsh Assembly and will become law. However, before this happens the Welsh Government will need to consult on over 21 different regulations, orders and guidance. This means that for the next year (at least) the RLA will be involved in negotiations to try and shape the overall outcome of this Act.

We’re always keen to hear from our members, so as you navigate around the Renting Homes Act pages feel free to tell us what you think in our comments sections, or drop by the forums.


As we mentioned earlier, the RHA is bringing a whole host of changes to the way you operate as a landlord. We have broken these areas down and produced short guides to tell you more about each section. You can find these pages by following the links just below.

But please remember that none of these areas are enacted yet. The Welsh Government is still in the process of consulting of certain powers, so if you see something your concerned by, let us know in the Comments section on each page.

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Retaliatory Eviction

20 July 2015

Retaliatory Eviction, or Revenge Eviction (sometimes shortened to RE) is the practice where a landlord would evict a tenant simply because they have made a legitimate repair complaint that the landlord does not want to oblige by. The practice is, in our view, already illegal under consumer law, however the Welsh Government are planning to formally outlaw the practice Read More


20 July 2015

Another area being changed in the Renting Homes Bill is the abandonment procedure that landlords follow if they suspect a property has been abandoned. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have this happen to you, it can be extremely tricky to follow the correct path and seek legal eviction by the court. The Welsh Government wants to Read More

The 6 month Moratorium

20 July 2015

At present, when landlords issue a new contract under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, they must include a minimum 6 months fixed term. The Welsh government is looking to remove this requirement so landlords do not necessarily need to offer a fixed term, but could start a tenancy on a month-by-month basis. Although most landlords would probably still issue fixed Read More

Fitness for Human Habitation

20 July 2015

As part of the Renting Homes Act (RHA) the Welsh Government seeks to improve the standard of accommodation in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). In part this is a reaction to some of the very poor accommodation rented out by criminal landlords, however it is likely to also capture a significant number of good landlords. The Fitness for Human Habitation Read More

Model Contracts

20 July 2015

Throughout 2015 the Welsh Government has been consulting and working on a piece of legislation designed to make the process of renting a home simpler and easier to understand. As a part of this process, the Welsh Government wanted to reduce the number of contracts that could be issued to establish a tenancy. What they came up with was a Read More