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 Welcome to the new home for landlords in Wales

Life is changing for landlords in Wales because of the Wales Housing Act affecting all areas of the private rented sector in Wales. Since 2015 all landlords have to register their details with Rent Smart Wales and those involved with any aspect of managing their properties will require a licence. The need for help and support from the RLA has never been greater.

  • Landlords who manage and perform maintenance on their properties in Wales now have to pay over £250 to be compliant with the Housing (Wales) 2014 Act.
  • In certain circumstances landlords could soon be prevented from successfully using a Section 21 If you rent and manage properties under separate names/corporate entities, you will need to obtain multiple licences.
  • Already paid for an HMO licence? Now you need to have another on top! The Welsh Government are planning to allow local authorities to introduce Additional HMO Licensing without any public consultation.
  • You may be liable for any water debt if you haven’t registered  a tenant’s full name and date of birth with the water company, then
  • Licensing isn’t the end of it, there more is to come!

At the RLA we do not think you should face all these challenges on your own. The RLA was established by landlords and is run by landlords for the benefit of landlords.

The RLA’s roots and experience go back decades to make us the UK’s first national landlord association. Owned and trusted by our members, we represent over 30,000 members with a combined portfolio of more than 100,000 properties. Our strength, reputation, experience and professionalism means that, as a member of this most effective campaigning organisation, your voice gets heard.
Douglas Haig

RLA Vice Chairman and Director for Wales

Why join?

We provide the expertise, support and tools you need, so you can do the right thing – by you, your tenants and the industry as a whole.

Members receive:

  • Unlimited one-on-one telephone support with the RLA’s Landlord Advice Team
  • The best deposit protection rates on the market with DepositGuard
  • Industry updates on our Campaigns and News Centre, and a complimentary subscription to our bi-monthly magazine
  • Exclusive discounts on RLA services from insurance and mortgages to tax advice
  • Access to over 130 documents & guides in our extensive landlord library

Become a member

Tickets for our Future Renting Conference Wales held on 29/11/2018 are now on sale! Early bird pricing now available if you book before 31st of October. To book get yours here;


Thanks to all the landlords who attended, and to @PinnacleLetting for sponsoring the forum. If anyone would like to find out more about any of the issues discussed, please get in touch at or visit

Looking forward to talking about @OpenDoorsTP and equalities issues for #PRS landlords at the @RCTCouncil Private Landlord Forum this evening at @PontypriddRFC

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